Not Just Charming is a Specialist Dating blog, designed for men. It’s the “brother” blog of Forgetting Fairytales and it’s seriously shaking things up – allowing YOU to tap into the minds of women, for a far more successful and fulfilling love-life.

How It Came About

In March 2020, we launched Forgetting Fairytales – the breakup, dating and relationship blog for women. It’s all about forgetting the overly-idealised fairytales and instead writing the love story they really want and deserve. Only this one… it’s led by them! 

See, women aren’t damsels, they don’t need rescuing and they shouldn’t be searching for this perfect Prince Charming to make their life complete. It’s about taking control, becoming the best possible version of themselves and attracting the right person back. ** Preach! **

Forgetting Fairytales helps women step up, take responsibility, work on their flaws and build happy, healthy, long-lasting relationships, that grow with them as they do. It’s equal. It’s not one-sided. And it’s improving relationships across the globe.

Within 12 months, Forgetting Fairytales grew to over 50,000 monthly readers. By 15 months, that had doubled to over 100,000 monthly readers. We’re now edging closer to the 150K mark. It’s growing pretty rapidly!

But you know what we found? Despite being designed for women, 50% of our readers were actually men.

That’s right, you guys are searching similar articles, you’re swatting up, you’re learning, reading and growing. You go through pretty similar things that women do, face similar challenges, and ultimately want the same things. Which is why we’re so proud to now introduce “Not Just Charming” – the dating and relationship blog designed specifically for men, giving you that upper hand.

About Not Just Charming

What’s It All About?

The ethos behind Not Just Charming are pretty similar to Forgetting Fairytales. 

See, we believe, fairytales set unrealistic expectations. Love and life, just don’t work like that. You don’t need to be the “knight in shining armour”, you don’t need to put all the pressure on yourself to win someone around.

Love shouldn’t be a battle! And any challenges that you face with a person, you should face together.

You also don’t need to have all the chat, or disingenuous charm (uhh, we’re so tired of that!) Instead, you just need to be genuine, be real. Be everything and all that you can be, because again, that’s what you’ll then attract back.

Here at Not Just Charming, we’re making you a TRUE PRINCE… a KING even! And with our help, finding and keeping your Queen will be so much simpler. 

Our goal is to make dating far easier to understand, navigate and master. Because like everything – there is a skill to it.

What Makes “Not Just Charming” Different?

Not Just Charming is pretty special in the fact that it’s written by Dating & Relationship Specialist, Ell. She combines psychology and coaching with the “insider info” of the minds of women – based not only on personal experience, but from the women that she personally has coached too. 

She gets hundreds of write-ins, from men and women alike. She knows the common challenges, but – more importantly – she has the answers, she knows what you should do. Each and every article that you read on here, is written personally by Ell… along with the hundreds that you’ll find on sister blog, Forgetting Fairytales.

This content isn’t just produced on mass, by random copywriters who just research, take pointers from other sites and smash something together – BANG, they’re done. Here at Not Just Charming, each article is written with love, thought, knowledge and care, pointing you in the right direction to not only improve your dating and relationship experiences, but also how you feel as a person.

It’s a specialist, niche blog, designed completely for you. It’s also shaped by you, with the “Ask Ell” write-in feature, for anonymous content requests.

Meet Ell

“Well hey. You’ve read this far. I am impressed. I know there’s been a lot to digest. I feel it’s only fair to give a little intro… to put a “face to a name” if you like. So here I am, this is me. Writer and Creator of Not Just Charming. Hello there.

The fact that you’re here, it shows that you value romantic relationships. It shows that you want more from them. You want the best. And this time that you’re putting into learning more about dating and relationships – it’s going to pay off.

See, reading something like this doesn’t make you hopeless. It makes you smart. So brush that ego aside and don’t ever feel embarrassed or afraid to read, share or write in. I’ve got your back. I’m rooting for you. And am here to help you write that love story you really want and deserve.

Not because you necessarily need “help” – but because you want to make your life easier. Women may seem like complex creatures, but really – we’re not. So buckle up guys, because whether you’re single, dating or all coupled up, it’s time to transform your relationships for the better!

Ella Stearn