Feeling stuck? In a bad place? Or maybe you’re just not quite where you want to be and you don’t know what to do? We get it. We really do. Which is why we offer action-based coaching calls, designed to get the results you want, in both yourself and your love life, delivered by – no other than – the creator of Forgetting Fairytales & Not Just Charming, Ell. It’s time to change the way you feel, get specialist advice and recommendations, have a realistic plan of action… and keep taking positive steps forward. Decide today. Get committed. And get ready for some serious levels of growth!

About Ell

Ella Stearn is a Dating & Relationship Specialist, a Results-Driven Personal Coach, and your soon-to-be new best friend (just you wait and see!)

As the writer behind Forgetting Fairytales (crafting all of the articles that you read on our site today), Ell sure does know her stuff when it comes to love.

Combine this with qualifications in Coaching & Mentoring with the Institute of Counselling and an enrolment with the Robbins Madanes Core 100 Training Academy – it makes Ell more than equipped with the practical knowledge to create lasting positive change in your life and relationships.

Whats more, she cares. Genuinely. And wholeheartedly. She’s been through the hardships of love & life, she’s experienced things that many shouldn’t, unfortunately at a very young age. But she’s gotten through it. She’s come out the other side – stronger, resilient and more determined than ever, to positively impact other’s lives.

“I don’t ever want anyone to feel as broken or alone as I once did. I believe that true love & happiness starts from within and it’s my life-long mission to help others unlock this.

Types of Coaching

Not Just Charming is designed for dating. However, as a whole, we specialise in Breakup Coaching, Dating Coaching, Relationship Coaching and Personal Development Coaching, with any personal development work focusing on improving the relationship you have with both yourself, and others. So it could be that:

  • You’re struggling to get over a breakup, and need something – anything – to ease the pain and make it more bearable to deal with.
  • Or perhaps you feel okay about a breakup – you knew it had to happen, but you now want to break the cycle of moving from one relationship to the next, unable to be truly happy on your own and fed up of seeking validation from other.
  • Maybe you want to up your dating game – learn how to date more effectively, find and connect with the right sort of people, and stop sabotaging your chances when you do find someone you click with.
  • It could also be that you’re in an unhealthy relationship – unsure what to do, whether to leave, whether the issues are more on you or her. You want things to get better, but you have no idea how. You feel lost and confused, hopeless, trapped in some cases even. It’s at this point, you have to reach out…

This is just touching the surface on some of the things we work through here at Forgetting Fairytales and Not Just Charming, every week and day. Essentially – if it’s to do with you, how you feel about yourself, how you feel with others and how you want to feel, Ell can help.

And if you’re unsure, simply enquire. Outline what’s troubling you, outline where you want to be, and Ell will get back to you – either with suggestions, a referral or a plan of action that the two of you can work through together on a set coaching call. Whatever it is, you won’t be left on your own. You’ll have someone in your corner, giving you clarity, confidence and hope.

How It Works

When it comes to our coaching, it’s really quite simple. We don’t tie you into any long-term programmes. Our coaching calls are are flexible and available – as and when you need.

  1. Simply fill out the form below, with as much info as you can.
  2. This will go directly through to Ell. No-one else. Please note: everything you share remains entirely confidential.
  3. Ell will then get back to you within 48 hours (if not sooner), responding to what you’re struggling with and how she can help. Coaching enquires are regularly monitored and urgent calls are always prioritised.
  4. From here, if you’re happy with the proposed support, an invoice / payment link will be sent for your coaching call. You’ll also receive a calendar invite to schedule your call at a time that works for you.
  5. Before the call, if Ell requires any additional information, this will be requested. You can type it, voice-note it, whatever you prefer. The purpose is to get as much info as possible about your situation to save time and use the 60 minute coaching call purely on, well… coaching.
  6. The coaching call will then be delivered and a plan of action will be created and emailed over to you afterwards. Ell will then check back in with you, in the coming weeks and months, to see how you’re getting on.
  7. If you require any additional calls after the first session, these can be booked directly with Ell, as and when you need, with reduced-rate bundles also available.

Why It Works

Our coaching works for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s Focused. This is a different type of coaching. It’s action-based and results-driven. This means we look at where you’re at, where you want to be / how you want to feel and use that as the base measure of success. This isn’t therapy. Yes, there’s a lot of talking involved. But it’s then about turning that talking into action – taking the key steps you need to work through the issues in your life, the way you feel about yourself, and the challenges you’re having in your relationships.
  2. It’s Specialist. Forgetting Fairytales has grown to over 120K monthly readers because this is our niche. This is our thing. Ell is a breakup coach, a dating coach, a relationship coach and a personal development coach – but each interlink and entwine, because this is her field. Love is her specialism. And it’s about putting the power back in your hands.
  3. It’s Personal. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Ell offers coaching because of popular demand and because she genuinely cares. This is important because it means that when you invest in coaching, she invests in you. She wants you to get the growth and change you want and need, and will do all that she can to make that happen. She’s rooting for you, she’s got your back, and together, you will get to where you want to be – far faster and easier. You don’t have to do it alone.

What’s The Price Like?

So let’s look at the numbers. What’s the cost of coaching? Well, individual coaching calls costs £90 / $125. This includes:

  • Your pre-call consultation.
  • The 60 minute power-hour coaching call.
  • An emailed plan of action from there.
  • Additional reading material.
  • Follow up / check in.

You can also buy a bundle of four calls for £300 / $420, which works out at £75 / $105 per coaching call.

Putting The Cost Into Perspective: Results-Driven Coaching is different to anything else. It creates a real change in your life and mind. Which is something that you can’t really put a price on. You’re working one-on-one with Ell with this. So if you find her articles helpful, just think about the progress you can make with that personalised support.

Your Guarantee: Our check-in’s are all about customer satisfaction. If you apply the plan of actions and they still aren’t working, Ell will create an additional one for you with a FREE 15 minute follow-up call, completely free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Request a Coaching Call

Take the first steps. Submit your details below to request your first coaching call. There’s no pressureno obligation to move forward from there. You’re simply enquiring and seeing what Ell proposes for where the core issues lie and what you need to do to work through it.