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Hey, Ell here. Whilst Not Just Charming is still so new, I wanted to share some of our top recommended reads from sister sister, Forgetting Fairytales. These articles are designed for both men and women and are some of our top posts when it comes to dating advice. So take your time, have a mooch, have a read. All articles are still written by me.

Top Posts This Month:

Let’s kick off our list with our top most-read dating articles this month (Uh huh, some of these may surprise you!)

1) How To Let Go Of Trust Issues When Looking For Love

Falling in love can be scary, we get it. It makes you vulnerable, able to get hurt. But no matter what’s happened in the past, you must remember – not everyones out to hurt you. Here’s how to let go of those trust issues, to give you the best chance of finding “the one.”

2) Are You Being Too Picky When Dating? 10 Signs It’s True!

There’s dating with intention – dating to find the right person and settle down. Then there’s being far too picky, searching for perfection and not actually giving everyone a proper shot. This post breaks it all down to see if you’ve got the balance right!

3) How To Deal With Being Ghosted

Our third most-read dating article this month, is how to deal with being ghosted – which really shows, it happens to the best of us at times! This also comes with How To Respond To Being Ghosting and How To Gain Closure After Being Ghosted. So you really are well and truly prepared!

Recommended Reads:

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