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Hey, Ell here. Whilst Not Just Charming is still so new, I wanted to share some of our top recommended reads from sister sister, Forgetting Fairytales. These articles are designed for both men and women and are some of our top posts when it comes to relationship advice. So take your time, have a mooch, have a read. All articles are still written by me.

Top Posts This Month:

1) How To Let Go Of Resentment In a Relationship

Whether it’s the things they’ve done wrong, the mistakes they’ve made or those little niggles you have – where it’s not totally their fault but they’re just irritating you (ouch!) Here’s how to let go of it all for a happier, healthier relationship.

2) How To Stop Being So Clingy

Relationships need time and space to flourish and grow. And sometimes, it’s about taking a step back, to bring the two of you closer. Find yourself worrying a lot? Clinging onto your partner? Demanding too much? Then here’s how to break the bad habits.

3) The Ultimate Couples Question Game

Last but not least, we have to include our ultimate couples question game in the recommended relationship reads list. This one has had over 5.3K shares on Pinterest alone. It’s a pretty big hit to say the least! Check it out and give it a go. It’s totally free and makes a great simple date-night with your partner at home!

Recommended Reads:

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