Top 20 Tinder Openers: The Best Opening Lines For Tinder

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Ah Tinder. It may not be my favourite (or top recommended dating app) but it’s certainly popular. So my friends, if you’re using it, you may as well use some of the best tinder opening lines. Here’s our top 20 tinder openers, to increase response rate and make your message stand out.

The Best Opening Lines For Tinder

Before we get stuck into templates, I want to point out that the best opening lines for tinder are personal, original, and pick up on something in the other persons profile. No-one wants a copy-and-paste job. That’s weak!

So when crafting your tinder opening message, look at:

  • What does she write on her profile?
  • What makes her profile different?
  • Are there any specific things you like about her profile?
  • Are there any specific pictures you like? (No crude comments please!)
  • Are there any things in her photos that you could pick up on? Perhaps it’s a place you recognise, something she’s doing, how happy she looks, what her photos tell you about her.

So often you just swipe swipe swipe, without actually taking the time to notice who you’re matching with. So try to slow it down. Match, but before you message – actually look at the person’s profile and think before you decide what to say.

The Best Tinder Openers

These are the typically the best starting points for the kind of things you should say to improve your opening message on dating apps.

1) Start With a Complement (Physical)

So first up, one of the best tinder openers is to kick it off with a complement, BUT – and this is a big but – you have to make it personal. Don’t just say “you’re hot”, pick up on a specific feature.

RULE: Don’t be crude. Yes you may think she has great boobs or a peachy bum, but please – oh please – don’t say this, especially not in your opening line. You want to be charming? Well that’s so not it.

Instead, notice her eyes, her smile, the kind of person she looks to be. You can still say things like, “you’re beautiful”, but add more of a personality with these kind of complements. So you might say:

Okay, I know you must get this all the time but, your eyes are unreal. Like, wow. How beautiful are you!

You see? We love this tinder opener because it’s cute, complementary and written in a way that adds personality. It’s still saying the same thing, but it sounds genuine, it’s more personal and when it’s worded a little differently, it makes it far more engaging.

You can also very easily add to a line like this – following up with a relevant question, to encourage an easy response from her from there. You should always keep this in the forefront of your mind when messaging…

Does my message encourage a response? Is it fast and easy to respond to? Would I respond if I was her?

2) Start With a Complement (Other)

Whilst we’re still talking about complements for your opening line, I want to raise the point of complementing her in a different way. So instead of bringing her looks into it, notice something else.

Now this can be tricky on Tinder because this platform in particular, often means that profiles are pretty limited. But you can still find complements based on how the person seems.

Is she smiling in all of her photos? Does she look super cute, happy, fun to be around? Then this is a good thing to pick up on.

You could also complement her based on the things she’s written / the information that is available. For instance, think she has a cool job? Tell her! Like the fact she says she’s “family orientated”? Pick up on that too.

If you can relate it back to what’s important to you, it’s always good to relate to her. You can also lead it onto a question to find out more…

3) Jump Straight In With a Question

A question is always a good idea when it comes to opening lines for tinder. By diving straight in with a question, you’re starting the conversation, you’re encouraging a response. Short of question ideas? Then click here for 100 of them!

The key with a question opener however, is to make it – again – personal and relevant. Also think outside the box. For instance, if you see she has “loves travel” on her profile, you can guarantee that’s a popular conversation starter for guys is: “What’s your favourite country?”… which is fine, it is relevant, but she’s likely to get burnt out with these kind of messages. So try to ask something that may be less common. Like, “where was the last place you went?” Or, “have you ever been here?” “I heard -this place- is amazing for -potential common interest.”

You see? It’s just about putting a little extra effort into thinking up something different. You may also like to get straight in with asking something you genuinely want to know. Some standard – but still interesting – question openers include asking:

  • How long she’s been single. Just don’t say it like a bad thing. Remember, she’s not single because no-one wants her. Often it’s a case of single by choice. But you can tie this into a complement pretty easily.

“Wow, you’re definitely a bit of a catch, aren’t you? Been single long?”

  • What she’s looking for on here. This may sound a bit intense, but it’s all the way you say it. Drop it in, in a similar way as above. And don’t be afraid to ask, especially if you’re looking for more. See, in most cases, this kind of directness will be a refreshing change from most of the usual tinder openers. So try it. Give it a go!
  • What she thinks about something. Again, look at her profile, notice what springs to mind, and ask what you’re wondering. As long as it’s not to “weird” or random, this usually works. For example:

I love that you’ve [pick up on a picture]. Have you ever [ask about something related]?

Because questions work so well, you’ll see a lot of them in our ready-made tinder opener templates below. Only now, you also have the formula / ideas behind them to have a go at creating your own too!

Opening Lines for Tinder

Top 20 Tinder Openers

So let’s get stuck in with our top 20 tinder openers. These are short, snappy lines that we love. Lines you can simply choose and tweak. Because that’s the key here..

  1. Read the tinder openers.
  2. See which ones stand out to you, which ones you like.
  3. Then make them your own.

You’ll still want to adapt the lines, even if it’s changing how you word them or adding extra bits to it. You can also say something before and after to make it more relevant / personal for that specific person.

But it’s important you do this. Otherwise you blend in with everyone else who has read this article and is looking for a fast easy line. Don’t use an opener that’s been “heard a million times before!”

It’ll make her think you have 0 creativity. And that’s not you. Right? Right. So let’s continue our list with some quick-fire suggestions, also taking in the first three points above.

Opening Lines For Tinder

  • Wow. Now aren’t you just a little bit of a dream.
  • Well you’re a little number, hey. When paying a complement, try to think of comedic / cute complements, that are different descriptive words. Don’t forget to follow up with a further message (or two) too.
  • Has anyone ever told you… [personal complement here]?
  • Okay, so I know you probably get this all the time, but… [personal complement here]
  • So, if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? I’ll go first. I’d have to say [place location.] This is great for keen travellers. It’s also a light easy discussion point.
  • Okay, rate this date idea: [unique suggestion]. I feel like the [specific part] would appeal to you with the [something you noticed on her profile.] Am I right or am I right? Make sure to separate this, sending as multiple messages. No-one wants a huge essay in one paragraph!The jokey confidence at the end, totally adds to this.
  • I see you like [something personal here]. That’s cool. Have you ever [related question] E.G. if it’s an activity, ask if she’s tried a different experience or in a different location.] Always keep it relevant.
  • Okay, big question here. [Option 1 or Option 2]? Give a “which do you prefer” question – but make it relevant to something she shares on her profile. For instance: if you notice a puppy picture, give her two different breeds to choose from. Ask this, then immediately in a second question, say something like: “I noticed the puppy picture. I know this may be hard for you 😉 ” That way she know’s you’re specifically asking because of that.
  • Now there’s a swipe right I was hoping for. This is a great tinder opener as it shows – despite all the many profiles, you actually remembered hers. You could also follow up this one by telling her what made her stand out when you swiped. It shows you notice, and makes her feel pretty special.
  • Okay, let’s cut the small talk. Want to jump straight in with a question game? Another bold approach, but bold is what women like! For this reason, it’s one of my favourite tinder openers. Check she’s keen, then if she is, go for 20 questions or would you rather. Keep them light but interesting… and meaningful, to form a better connection. NOTE: you’ll also want to make this more personal by adding why you actually want to get to know her.

Remember, with all of these Tinder openers: Add to it. Rephrase it. Adapt it. Then send it. Job done!

Tinder Opening Lines

We’re half way through the master tinder openers list. Got any favourites so far? Let’s keep them coming!

  • Well you look like my kinda girl. Deal-breaker of a question though… [something menial and comical] This is always a fun tinder opener. Again, it’s a complement in itself, makes her feel special and gets the conversation flowing. Just steer away from “pineapple on pizza” questions – this ones been far too over-done!
  • Favourite bar in [their city]? What’s it got to be?
  • Okay so what’s your idea of the best first date? For me it’s got to be a [something light and fun here], although I’m sure I have to wow you with my chat before we get to that, right? 😉
  • So let me guess your go-to-drink. I have one chance. Deal? This is another good opening line, because it’s light, fun, and kind of intriguing. You’ll increase response rate for this one, as she’ll want to know what you guess (and what kind of woman you think she is!) Get a fun response back? You can also propose a “deal” where if you guess right first time, she’ll let you take her out this weekend.
  • Okay, quick-fire questions. What’s one thing you look for in a guy? Genuinely would love to know, too! I’ll let you into a little secret… women love chats like this. Get straight stuck in with the fun questions.
  • What’s one thing you wish guys would just go out and ask on here? Because I know one thing I’d love to ask you! Another interesting, bold, and straight-to-the-point opener.
  • Now you look awfully familiar… 😉 Okay so this one is a little bit of clickbait. She’ll want to know why – have you swiped before? Already met? Do you have mutual friends? This is best used if one of the above is true. But even if it’s not, you can always spin it around. Nothing deceptive… Just try to add intrigue!
  • You know what I like best about your profile? Ask the question, she’ll be sure to reply to find out! You can then give the complement you wanted to, but encouraged a response first.
  • Worst opener you’ve ever had on here? Let’s just hope she doesn’t say yours! This opens up the conversation however, and she’ll be sure to have plenty of answers!
  • Alternative (if you’re feeling brave): Okay so what’s the guess that most guys start this with [line], [line], or… [line] Yeah, that’s sure to be a popular one for you 😉 You can tweak this, based on what you think. The funnier you can make it, the better! Try to recognise the standard openers, and have a laugh with your match about them.

Top Tip: Humour is always the way to a women’s heart. If you can make her laugh or smile, you’re far more likely to get a reply.

That’s All For This One

So there we have it. Our top 20 tinder openers – with 20 ready-made templates and 3 easy suggestions forming the base / foundations of your message creation.

You should now be packed full of ideas for the best opening lines for tinder. When you’re ready, there’s also this post on how to ask a girl out (and increase your chances of her saying yes!)

Still struggling? Wondering what you’re doing wrong? Then give me a shout. We’ll spruce up your profile and conversation starter strategy, to get a far better response rate.

Good luck and happy dating!


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